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2017 Louisiana Royalty



2017 Louisiana State

King & Queen




John Waggoner

TOPS® LA 513, Columbia




Success Story:

AS I have stated in my Divison winner letter,this is a wonderful honor for me; I never thought that I would reach this point.


My TOPS journey began when my wife and I joined LA 0490 Columbia back in 2006.  We developed many friendships during our time but decided to transfer to LA 0513 Columbia in March of 2009.  I have always had a healthy appetite, as you can see in my before picture, at my highest weight of 274 lbs. 


All my Tops Family have given me so much support and encouragement thru my weight loss journey, but my mentor was Mrs. Jean Dunn, who was once a Louisiana State Queen.  Every week she would encourage me to stay on track with my weight loss journey.  It was a true loss when she passed away, for our chapter and for me.  Changing my eating habits was not easy.  I struggled daily because I loved food, especially starchy foods.  If there was a buffet, I was there.  After all, you got to get what you pay for.  (At least that was my mentality). 


In 2015, I got really serious about losing weight.  My doctor had ran test and my Triglycerides were off the charts.  My doctor told me that I was a walking time bomb.  After talking with my niece, I started a vegan lifestyle and lost a lot of weight and my Triglycerides were back on track.  When I began to incorporate meats, poultry, and fish back into my diet we prepared them in a more healthy fashion. This was such a scare for me because I didn’t want to regain any weight that I lost. We also began reading labels closer due to what TOPS had taught us. 


Kathy Thompson, our Leader at the time, was very informative and helped me to focus on keeping my food journal and exercising.  It became a priority.  I finally reached my goal in May of 2017, 74 lbs lighter.  It was a dream come true.  I enjoyed shopping and buying clothes.  I had gone from a 44/32 in pants and 2X shirts to 36/32 in pants and Large in shirts.  I had more energy and felt better. 


In late 2017 I was diagnosed with colon cancer and Charcot disease.  It has been a struggle getting my strength back, but I am so thankful for all the support I have received from my wife and my TOPS Chapter. Every member of my TOPS Family has truly stood by me in the good times and the bad times and I could not have done this nor come through the struggle of getting back to health without the love, prayers and support from each one of them that supported me.



Rose Richard

TOPS® LA 493




Success Story:

In 1997 I was invited by a TOPS member to join their Chapter. Knowing that I needed to lose weight and wanted to lose weight I decided to give TOPS a try.


It didn’t take me long to discover what TOPS was all about as I learned to walk the talk. Through my years in TOPS I have made many friends that became family to me and I’ve held every office position except Weight Recorder.


Never knowing that it would be a slow process, I was determined to continue my journey until I reached my goal. My mind and heart kept me in TOPS because I so wanted to be a healthier person and become a KOPS no matter how long it would take or how old I’d become. Just like so many TOPS members I struggled and had my share of discouragement along with the many years of yo-yo weight loss. I had many obstacles that kept my eyes off of me at times but the support of my family, friends and TOPS family encouraged me to continue.


My worst year of hardship was recently losing my husband of 64 years of marriage in his battle to Alzheimer and just one month after my husband passed away I also lost my sister who was in the same TOPS Chapter with me. Yet, I never gave up. Being healthier was not an easy task but my determination finally paid off after 20+ years.


At the age of 84 years having 5-children, 21-grandchildren, and 4-great grandchildren I have lost 70 pounds with TOPS by learning how to eat, exercise, and drink plenty of water. Again, never knowing that it would be this slow of a process, I was determined to continue my journey until I reached my goal. I did it! I have finally become that honored KOPS. Then, I received a letter in the mail. I could not believe that I not only became a KOPS but also the State Queen. My excitement was beyond words. That long journey to be healthier really paid off. 


Now I have another journey, keeping it off. With the same support as I have had to take it off I know I can keep it off. I will continue to spread the story of TOPS to everyone I meet so they can enjoy the support, fellowship and love that this organization gives to its members. My motto was, never give up. No matter how hard it seems there is always an ending to the beginning as we reach our goal. My heartfelt wish for all TOPS and KOPS, never give up.





Ava Hood

TOPS® LA 535




Success Story:

For years I worked with Dietitians on my job, so I know that “fad” diets don’t work because they are too hard to stick with. DIET to me is a dirty four-letter word!

When Maxine Richard explained to me after church one Sunday morning about a new TOPS chapter she was trying to get started, I didn’t hesitate to say “yes”.  TOPS sounded exactly like the program I’d been looking for.  I know it takes eating healthier foods and regular exercise to lose weight, but I also know that without a support system I won’t do it on my own.  For me it’s not about being skinny.  I was skinny as a teenager and hated it!  It’s about finding a comfortable weight and size that makes me feel strong, and feel good about myself.

 It all started May 4, 2015, and I still look forward to our weekly meetings.  We, Steel Magnolias, are not just friends, we are family.  I want to thank each of our members for their continuing support and encouragement.  I want to thank Maxine for introducing me to TOPS and Peggy, our chapter Angel, for her inspirational text every day of the week.

Remember, eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water, exercise and attend your TOPS meetings to be the best you can be!



2017 Division Winners



Division 1

1st Place
Rodney Linzay

LA 509

73 pound loss


2nd Place
Scottie Triche

LA 9376

30.7 pound loss


Division 2


1st Place
Claude Gosness

LA 087

12.5 pound loss


Division 3


1st Place
Harris Allemand, Sr.

LA 9325

20.6 pound loss


2nd Place

John Waggoner

LA 513

15.8 pound loss






Division 1


1st Place

Morgan Bailey

LA 196

60 pound loss


2nd Place
Christina Lawrence

 LA 196

32.2 pound loss


Division 2


1st Place
Heather Frederick

LA 087

64.8 pound loss


2nd Place
Marion Trosclair

LA 368

63.75 pound loss

Division 3


1st Place

Doris Combs

LA 541

48 pound loss


2nd Place
Doristine Pitterson

LA 544

43.6 pound loss


Division 4


1st Place

Faye Ferdinand

LA 312

30.8 pound loss


2nd Place
Carol Mahoney

LA 527

27.4 pound loss


Division 7


1st Place

Yolanda Walker

LA 312

23.6 pound loss



Division 9


1st Place

Dana Smith

LA 196

68 pound loss


2nd Place
Shirley Guidry

LA 417

61.8 pound loss



2017 Graduates

TOP row left to right: Rose Richard, Barbara Webb, Ella Metrejean

Ava Hood and John Waggoner






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