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2013 State Royalty




2013 State Queen


Pansie Sweeney

TOPSŪ  MS 145, Laurel

65.75 pounds to goal







Runner-up Queen: 

Jacklyn Adelifo

TOPSŪ  MS 298, Picayune

61 pounds to goal




Division Winners



Division 1


1st Place
Jimmie Mims

TOPSŪ  MS 198, Picayune

84.25 pound loss


Division 2

1st Place
Ryan Antoniak

TOPSŪ  MS 214, Biloxi

33.75 pound loss


2nd Place
Ronald Lester

TOPSŪ  MS 019, Ocean Springs

21 pound loss


Division 3


1st Place
Charles Yelerton

TOPSŪ  145 Laurel

21.5 pound loss




Division 1


1st Place
Heather Johnson

TOPSŪ  MS 359, Corinth

107 pound loss


2nd Place

Marty Cooper

TOPSŪ  MS 0005, Gulfport

55.5 pound loss


Division 2


1st Place
Linda Lee

TOPSŪ  MS 035, Pascagoula

61 pound loss


2nd Place

Becky Iverson

TOPSŪ  MS 122, Ocean Springs

43 pound loss


Division 3


1st Place
Debbie Henley

TOPSŪ  356, Laurel

46.25 pound loss


2nd Place

Donna Dean

TOPSŪ  MS 306, Corinth

39 pound loss


Division 4


1st Place
Belinda Barham

TOPSŪ  MS 336, Hattiesburg

40 pound loss


2nd Place

Shelby Skipper

TOPSŪ MS 198, Picayune

25.75 pound loss


Division 5


1st Place
Sharon Shannon

TOPSŪ  MS 281, Ocean Springs

13.75 pound loss


2nd Place
Windy Jeffcoat

TOPSŪ  MS 350, Picayune

13.50 pound loss



Division 9


1st Place
Georgia Parrish

TOPSŪ  MS 122, Ocean Springs

13.75 pound loss







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