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Is your chapter “raising winners”?  We are all winners when we are in TOPS – but special recognition is given to those members who have lost the most weight in their weight division at chapter, state and international levels.  The key to being a winner in one or all of these categories is (of course) weight loss.  Steady weight losses each week may find you or someone in your chapter closer to being a “winner”.  Are you helping each other towards those results each week?  Take time at each meeting to discuss this important journey. Weekly chapter programs encouraging and educating each other on weight loss should be our primary focus.  Our TOPS News features the “Learn It.  Live It.” programs in every issue.  Hundreds of additional programs are on  TOPS makes it very easy for us to keep our aim on healthy weight loss.  I hope that your chapter will focus on “raising winners” this year by supporting each other weekly with great programs to keep everyone motivated to staying on track and recording a loss each week. 


What an exciting time of the year this is as we gather to celebrate and honor the winners in your state who have accomplished wonderful personal goals this past year.  I hope that you are able to take part in this celebration and attend SRD.  As well, we have the opportunity to honor some of these winners at International Recognition Days in Orlando, FL this year as many of the international winners are from our area again.  Will you be joining us? The first General Session of IRD 2016 is “Throw Back Thursday.”  New this year – for those appearing on stage during the Thursday Evening General Session at IRD 2016 (as well as members in the audience) may dress in clothing of the 70s or wear business casual attire.  More information about IRD can be found in your TOPS News or on TOPS website. 


As your field staff visits your chapter this year, they will be presenting a wonderful program called “Lean on Me for Support”.  While they are visiting, take the opportunity to have them refresh any forms that you might need, answer any questions your chapter may have or let them know of any other needs you might have. 


Have you ever been on a cruise?  Have you attended a retreat?  Here is the perfect opportunity for the best of both worlds.  A 10-Day TOPS Island Hopper Cruise is scheduled for Feb 8-19, 2017. Check TOPS News for updates on this opportunity to vacation with TOPS friends and share information from Retreat Directors Deanna Bies, Cynthia Mack and Teri Ord while eating healthy and staying active.


IRD 2017 will be hosted by the members of Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas and Michigan.  I hope that you are planning on attending this special event in our area.  For some it will not be this close to your home for a long time.  Would you like to be a special part of IRD?  We are looking for many helpers to serve as hostesses and promo room workers.  If you are able to give a few hours of your time, let me know.  You can email me at


Time to wrap this up - I look forward to seeing all of you at your upcoming SRD as we celebrate the successes of members from your state. 


Until next month – I care


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