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2016 – Let the lifesaving begin!


Resumes are in – losses have been tabulated – and winners have been selected!  It won’t be long for your SRD and I am excited about joining you to congratulate all who had a successful 2015.


  We have an exciting year ahead as TOPS Life Savers.  Hopefully, people are coming to your chapter and know you are there to reach out with TOPS lifesaving help. If not, are you reaching out to them? We come together to help each other take off and keep off pounds sensibly. Your hand of friendship may be the lifesaving element they need to see and take hold of. 


In the February chapter mailing, your leader received a flyer that outlined the contents of the mailing and offered these great tips on welcoming a new member.


Always be sure to…

Ø  Welcome visitors warmly.  (Use the Welcome Circle in the Chapter Manual or have members share why they came to TOPS before asking the new member why. Remember how you felt at first.)

Ø  Thank visitors for coming, ask if they have questions, offer them an application, and invite them back. (Prospective members may visit your chapter one time with no obligation.)

Ø  Accept coupons/vouchers graciously.  Always attach them to the completed application even if the person already joined online. (Your Coordinator will let you know if there is an issue with the coupon and make sure online members are moved to your chapter by completing the L-003 membership application validating their weight on the week that they join your chapter.)

Ø  Privately ask for permission before sharing new member contact info with the chapter. 

Ø  Keep it simple and focus on weight‐loss support. (New members come to us because they need information and encouragement to lose weight. Everything else is overwhelming and can wait.)


In this mailing, you received two copies of My Day One with inserts of the TOPS Rules (with the new pledges) and a membership application.  Make sure that you have a supply of My Day One on hand for that new member that arrives at your meeting.  This is a great way to be ready for those folks that come to us for support then follow these tips:


Please be sure to let the new member know…

Ø  How My Day One can kick start weight loss.  Have a New Member Coach or caring member review the “Six Simple Steps to a Slimmer You” on page 2 at the first meeting or review together as a group.

Ø  To provide an email address on the application for extra tips and support.

Ø  It may take up to 8 weeks to receive TOPS News, but new members don’t have to wait that long to get a membership number. (The Leader, Web Designate and your Coordinator can all look up member ID’s as soon as your Coordinator processes the application.)


We should always have a message or program of support towards our weight loss success at every meeting.  The “Live it.  Learn it.” Programs in our TOPS News are great ways to do this.  Another way is to have each member always bring their My Day One to the chapter meeting.  You can review together the “Six Simple Steps to a Slimmer You” on page 2 when a new member visits.  These six simple steps can never be reviewed too often with the entire chapter.  Do not let a new member leave your meeting without good direction on how to get started.  Be certain to submit new member applications as soon as possible to your coordinator so that the new member can be enrolled and receive their membership number.  Once they have their membership number, they can access TOPS Website and have availability to all of the wonderful tools that you have. 


Each of us is a potential TOPS lifesaver.  Let’s make sure that when we see someone struggling that we swim out to help them.  TOPS has made a special page for our new theme – where you will find our lifesaving logo as well as the new t-shirt, contests, certificates and program ideas and more.  Check it out at:


Are you on board to be a TOPS lifesaver? Let me know how your chapter is doing saving lives.  You can email me at .  I would love to hear from you.


 Until next month –



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