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Dear Chapters –

It’s that time of the year again when everyone is making their resolutions for the New Year.  Of course the number one resolution for 2016 is to “Lose Weight”.  Why do we only make resolutions at the first of the year?  Isn’t a resolution the same as a Goal?  Has your chapter made any resolutions for the year?  What if we make a monthly resolution instead of a New Year’s resolution?  For example:




Ø  January – Resolve that every member brings a friend to a TOPS meeting

Ø  February – Resolve that every member has a loss this month

Ø  March – Resolve that every member exercises regularly each week of the month

Ø  April – Resolve that every member keeps their food journal each week of the month

Ø  May – Resolve that every member helps another member achieve a loss this month

Ø  June – Resolve that every member sends a note of encouragement each week this month

Ø  July – Resolve that every member has perfect attendance this month

Ø  August – Resolve that every member plans their food menu ahead of time this month

Ø  September – Resolve that every member gets back to the basics this month

Ø  October – Resolve that every member reviews their resolutions for the year

Ø  November – Resolve that every member plans for the upcoming holidays

Ø  December – Resolve that every member shows a net loss for the year


I am sure that your chapter can come up with many more resolutions that help make your chapter great - resulting in weight loss success for your members.  After all isn’t that we are here for? 


By now your weight charts and chapter resume’ are being processed and it won’t be long until we know who the 2015 State Division Winners and State Royalty are.  Thank you to all of those officers who assisted in preparing these reports and for sending them to your Coordinator on time so that your members will not lose out on the recognition that they deserve.  I’m excited about congratulating all of the winners from your state and look forward to seeing everyone at your upcoming SRD. 


This year in conjunction with our new theme “TOPS Is a Lifesaver”, your Field Staff will present a wonderful new program when they visit your chapter.  It is called “Lean on Me for Support”.  Be the first to call and be placed on their chapter visitation calendar.  And as usual – you will have the opportunity to purchase another great item from them… will love it!


This is the perfect time for us to “Be a Lifesaver” and to reach out and help others achieve a healthy & happy lifestyle.  So what are we waiting for?  Who will you take with you to your next meeting?


Until next month –




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