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We have just returned home from a very magical IRD in Orlando, FL where we honored our members for their successes for 2015.  It was my honor to escort the International King, Kenneth Conner from Texas to the stage Saturday morning.  Other International winners from our area in attendance at IRD were Mark Van Buhler Division 1 first place and Kathy Repetto Division 2 first place winner.  State Royalty in attendance included:

Ø  Elaine Ryder               Arkansas Queen

Ø  June Domino              Texas Queen

Ø  Elaine Gaudet             Louisiana Queen

Ø  Rodney Stratman       Louisiana King

Ø  David Crump              Oklahoma King

Ø  Rani Rivas                   Kansas Queen

Ø  Jan Pruitt                    Kansas King

Ø  Karen Jones                Mississippi Queen

Ø  Ronald Lester             Mississippi King

Ø  Becky Hahn                New Mexico Queen

Congratulations to Oklahoma Area Captain Maria Alexander recipient of the President’s Award.  Thank you to all who shared their success with us at IRD.  It was truly a “magical” event.

Thank you to all who have stepped forward to serve as a chapter officer for the upcoming year.  Your commitment to our mission - to support our members as they take off and keep off pounds sensibly - is evident in your action to accept the office you have been elected to.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding your role as a chapter officer, I am just an email or call away. 

The President has challenged us again.  As we focus on those things that make our chapters great:

  Ø    Accountability and privacy at the scale

  Ø    Discussion and support in our weight loss journey

  Ø  TOPS Programs on many topics that provide tools and encouragement to  keep us until our next meeting

We will be losing together to achieve a healthier lifestyle and accumulating our losses to meet the – “Million Pounds Challenge” in her 2017 Cut and Burn drive.  How do we do this?  By following these two simple things:

By CUTTING 100 calories more daily and BURNING 100 calories more daily.  At your first meeting of the New Year 2017 -  

       ·       Spend a week journaling food & exercise but make no changes.

       ·       Next chapter meeting, review journal with everyone.

       ·       Select a 100-calorie item to cut out.

       ·       Decide how to increase your activity to burn 100 calories.

       ·       At end of each month, check progress, analyze results and adjust your plan if needed. 

There is no extra work on your part. Weight losses will be tallied from your annual resume for weight lost from January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017.  All results will include the losses to goal for all KOPS and your coordinator will provide that information. 

Meanwhile, keep working your plan for 2016 and keeping adding to this year’s total loss over the next five months.

I was excited to be able to report total pounds lost for chapters in our area at IRD this year for 2015 of 81,190.15!  Let’s see if our area can top that in 2016.  You do make a difference!  What will your contribution be toward our final number for 2016? 

Have you heard that it is our turn to host International Recognition Days in 2017? It’s true!  Members from the states of New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Michigan and Arkansas will be the hosts for 2017 IRD – as we “Sparkle Like a Diamond with TOPS”.  The site and dates have been selected------ Little Rock, Arkansas on July 14th and 15th. I hope that everyone will make plans to attend and even be able to lend a hand for just a few hours during the event.  We need and welcome your help in the promotions room, with confirmation desks, hostessing and many other areas where help may be needed. So, please let me know when you are available.  You can email me at by sending me your name or a list of those in your chapter that would be willing to help. 

Get out your “bling” and plan on having a great time as we honor our winners and KOPS.  (Watch the TOPS News for upcoming information on the event).

Until next month, remember to - 

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go!










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