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Are you on your “A-Game”?

It’s March Madness time.  So what is all of the hype about?  It’s the time of the year when a curious ailment spreads across the country. The thump of basketballs, the squeak of sneakers, and the roar of the crowd are sure signals that basketball fever is with us.  It's a condition called "March Madness," - a term used to describe the excitement surrounding the single-elimination tournament played each spring in the United States to determine the national championship of the major college basketball teams.  Now you might not be a basketball fan (this is not one of my favorite sports) – but you can get caught up in the excitement of others when they are on their “A-Game”.  Just like successful basketball teams, successful members can excite other members in the chapter and the community.  Why are these members successful?  They are accomplishing the goal they set out to achieve – losing weight.  They are probably the member who is attending your chapter meeting each week; keeping a journal or food chart of calories consumed; tracking their exercise activity and being involved in chapter activities.  They might even have a secret tool they are using – the TOPS website.  It’s really no secret – but have you visited the website lately?  The member’s page (which you can access for free as a TOPS member) has so many great things to help you be on your “A-Game”.  Check it out by going to this link - 

There you will find so many great things from recipes to videos to medical questions and answers.  And now there is even a link to the new Life Saver theme page for programs, contests, charms and more.  You can find that under the section “The Skinny From TOPS”. 

The February/March issue of TOPS News has some great articles related to “March Madness” including the simple basketball workout on pages 40-43 “Tuning in for the Tourney?” and “Get Your Head in the Game” - highlighting successful members who scored their goal weight.  Several of our state royalty are featured in this article.  Check it out!

I hope that your chapter is on your “A-Game” and having successful weight losses.  If not I hope that you can catch the “March Madness” fever and utilize all of the things that TOPS has given to you to be successful.  Your actions will create excitement that will make others want to join in the game.  SRD is just around the corner and I look forward to seeing everyone where we have the opportunity to get inspired and refreshed by the success of our fellow members.

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